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Protecting Trademarks and Copyright Online

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The internet has connected the world with a simple click of a mouse and it is therefore no surprise that it has become one of the largest sources of advertisement for business owners and artists alike.

If you have worked hard to create your trademark and build up goodwill for the goods or services associated with that trademark, or to prepare a piece of original work, it can be frustrating and disheartening to see others use your intellectual property, or variations thereof, to sell their goods or services. This act of passing off or infringement can be made even more difficult to prevent when it is occurring over the internet. Due to the vast amount of material available on the internet and the complexity with determining who the owner of the website or posting is, it may seem like an overwhelming task to protect your intellectual property online.

Our Intellectual Property Team can assist you with policing your trademark on the internet, issue cease and desist letters to infringing parties and commence proceedings for the removal of online materials using the enforcement mechanisms available.

If you feel that your intellectual property is being threatened online, we would be happy to discuss the best method to protect your intellectual property. Please call us for your free 1/2 hour consultation.