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Our Services

Our trademark agents and intellectual property lawyers help Canadians effectively and efficiently register and protect their trademarks and related intellectual property.  Some services our trademark professionals provide are:

Canadian Trademark Application

You have developed your product or perfected your service, have located a place to run your business and have created the ideal brand. What do you consider to be the most important aspect of your business? Many business owners do… learn more »

US and International Trademark Applications

On June 19, 2014 Bill C-31 - Economic Action Plan 2014 Act, No. 1 (the “Bill”) received Royal Assent and enabled Canada to join the ranks of other first world countries by becoming a party to the Madrid Protocol, Singapore Treaty… learn more »

Responding to Examiner’s Reports

“Not described in ordinary commercial terms”, “clearly descriptive”, “deceptively misdescriptive”, “confusingly similar” and “prohibited” are just some of the reasons why an examiner may choose to object to the registration of your trademark. If you receive an Examiner’s Report citing… learn more »

Licensing Intellectual Property

Your trademark is registered and your business is running successfully. In fact, your business is doing so well that you have decided to engage another party to assist you with expanding your business. When entering into this scenario it is… learn more »

Asset Sales and Purchases

When buying or selling a business, parties tend to spend considerable time negotiating a price for the value of the “assets” which for many, lawyers included, means tangible property – the building lease, land, inventory, equipment, client lists and revenues, to… learn more »

Intellectual Property Disputes

Receiving a cease and desist letter can be an intimidating experience. If the use of your intellectual property is being threatened, this is the first and least expensive opportunity for one of our intellectual property lawyers to help resolve your dispute… learn more »

Protecting Trademarks and Copyright Online

The internet has connected the world with a simple click of a mouse and it is therefore no surprise that it has become one of the largest sources of advertisement for business owners and artists alike. If you have worked hard… learn more »